are penguins even real omfg

penguins are just magnificent creatures

How has natural selection not eliminated these adorable little maladroits?

Elle: You’ve always made it clear that you’re a feminist. It’s a term that a lot of people back away from these days.
Amy Poehler: But then they go on and explain what they support and live by - it’s feminism exactly. I think some big actors and musicians feel like they have to speak to their audience and that word is confusing to their audience. But I don’t get it. That’s like someone being like, “I don’t really believe in cars, but I drive one every day and love that it gets me places and makes my life so much easier and faster and I don’t know what I would do without it”. But that’s everyone else’s trip, not mine. I had a mother who discovered herself in the ’70s and used to go to meetings and wear a sassy scarf.

“Who was your first kiss?”

“John Stamos.”

Alfred Hitchcock directing the MGM Lion | 1958


Hot chocolate

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